The Biomedical Neuroscience Institute (BNI) is a nonprofit private organization housed within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Chile.

BNI emerged from a ten-year collaborative process of associative research projects. Where scientists who were part of the Millennium Center for Integrated Neurosciences (CENI) and later the Neural Morphogenesis Center (NEMO) found it natural to apply when the Millennium Institute opened the call. Their individual and group research trajectory made them stand out and secure funding to establish the Biomedical Neuroscience Institute in 2011.

Neurological and psychiatric diseases affect thousands of people in Chile. Furthermore, the increase in life expectancy heightens the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases, emphasizing the importance of brain and disease research in the country. Chile has a significant history in neurosciences, leading this group to embrace the responsibility of continuing the tradition that has been established for years. Gathering a group of basic and clinical neuroscientists, alongside mathematicians from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Chile, their objective is to conduct top-tier scientific research, train new researchers, contribute to technology and education, and establish an active community of internationally recognized researchers. This will require building up a significant presence.

Today, BNI is a unique center in Chile and a reference center in the region due to its 14 laboratories, production of over 40 high-impact publications annually, and consolidated international scientific collaboration networks spanning the northern hemisphere and Latin America. In addition, BNI organizes courses and scientific meetings.

BNI building


Steffen Hartel

S. Härtel


Jimena Sierralta

J. Sierralta

Vice president

Claudio Hetz

C. Hetz


Miguel Concha

M. Concha


Pedro Maldonado

P. Maldonado


Juan Pablo Torres

J.P. Torres


Alejandro Mass

A. Mass



Carolina Cubillos

C. Cubillos

Executive Director

Gabriela Martínez

G. Martínez

Education Director

Ma. F. Álvarez

Ma. F. Álvarez

Educational Advisor

R. Lillo

R. Lillo

CPublic Accountant and Auditor

M. Mogolló

M. Mogollón

Accounting Assistant

Jimena Sierralta

J. Díaz




Developing and empowering our researchers

Highlight the importance of science and increase the perception of the impact of science on society.

The generation of knowledge derived from scientific work is an intrinsic part of our culture, being both cause and consequence of the country's development.


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